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Welcome to

I made this site to give you a brief introduction to the
100% Electric Nissan LEAF.....No GAS whatsoever.

The LEAF costs me $37.67 in Electric & Maintenance
to drive 1000 miles a month.

(that's only 3.77 cents per mile. Most gas burning cars
are 12 to 44 cents per mile)

(My Electric bill went up $31.00 a month)

I used to spend $200 to $300 a month in gasoline,
oil changes and other maintenance.

The Nissan LEAF is my Only Car!
(Since April of 2013)

My Electricity is made up from a
mixture of Hydro, Solar, Wind,
Natural Gas and under 5% COAL.

The Electricity used in my Electric Car
Emits 58 Grams of CO2e per mile.

The Dirty little secret the Petroleum Industry
Does not want you to know is that A Gasoline Powered
Car emits 381 Grams of CO2e per mile.

So my 100% Electric Car is around 6.5 times
cleaner emission wise than a 100%
Gas burning Car.

If my Electricity was made with 100%
Renewables like Solar, Hydro & Wind
I would emit nothing!

The Cleaner my Electricity gets the
Cleaner my Car automatically gets.

On September 6th I test drove the #2018LEAF
Check out the videos below:

And here's part 2 with me driving:

Please note:
My car is not the only Electric Vehicle(EV)
available right now.

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I'm sure we'll see almost every class of vehicles as EV's
by 2019. So full sized SUV's, Electric Pickup Trucks,
Electric Semi Tractor Trailers, School buses, Ambulances,
Mini-Vans, Electric JEEPS, EV Scooters, etc.

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What else will I need?
What else will I need?

How does an Electric Car work ? - Watch this video:

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The Maintenance on most Electric Cars consists of
rotating the tires, replacing the windshield wipers
windshield wiper fluid and cabin air filter. The
maintenance cost is around $100 a year.

I hardly ever go to the dealer for service. In 4
years I have gone 5 times. Two times for flats
two other times for software updates and the
5th time to replace an air-bag switch.

I pay 12.55 cents per kilowatt hour through my electric
company, (which is high in NJ) most people I
know pay 8.5 to 10 cents per kilowatt hour. If you
pay less than me or you have Solar Panels. Then an
Electric Car will be less expensive for you to operate.

You're probably saying, but gas is so inexpensive
right now! what is this guy talking about?!! Gas
down the street from my house on 12-27-2017 was
$2.45 a gallon! That's pretty cheap!
I figured out if your Car gets 38MPG and gas is
59 cents a gallon we would pay the same per mile.
My old Gas car got 21MPG and therefore I'm still
saving 6X more money than what I used to pay!

Why would I want to buy Gas ever again?

There's a Guy in CA that uses his LEAF as a Taxi
and with 172,000 miles on the car and he's still
using the original brakes.

The LEAF hardly uses the brakes, when you lift
your foot off of the GO Pedal (it's not called
a Gas Pedal anymore) the LEAF automatically starts
slowing down because of the regenerative braking.
So the only time you really need to press the brakes
is to make a complete stop. This reduces the wear
on the brakes and costs you less money in maintenance.

In NJ there is NO SALES TAX on an Electric
Vehicle (EV) and there is a Federal Tax Incentive
of $7500. If you have paid at least $7500 of income
tax in the year you purchased the EV then you
will receive a $7500 check the next time you file
your taxes!

I owed $11,393 and the IRS took off $7500.
Sweet deal for me!

With everything said and done fully loaded, heated
leather seats, power everything, GPS, heated
steering wheel & mirrors the LEAF cost me $26,500.00*
and I'm saving a little over $2000*** a year
by not buying Gas!

(a bottom of the line Nissan LEAF costs $21,300
Also, a 24 month old LEAF's coming off of a Lease
are selling for only $8K to 12K depending on trim
level and they still have 6 years of the main
battery warranty left!! - A really great deal
for sure and you never need to buy Gas again!)

Around 80% of Americans drive under 40 miles a day
to and from work.

The #NissanLEAF was designed for these people, It is
a commuters car. In Traffic it uses hardly any fuel.
I drive to NYC from NJ 3 to 5 times a week and in my
Old Gas Burning Car I used to waste a lot of fuel by
sitting in Traffic, And since I used a lot of fuel
the more Maintenance I needed.

Also, Please don't worry about traffic. The more
traffic there is the longer the current charge of
the battery will last. If I turn on the LEAF in
my driveway and the battery is at 100% the LEAF
can stand there for 11 days before the battery runs dry.
So you could sit in traffic for a very long time.

The LEAF now comes in 3 battery sizes,
24 kilowatt per hour(kWh), 30kWh & 40kWh.
The EPA rates the 24kwh at 84 miles
range, the 30kwh at 107 and the 40 at 150 miles.

My daily commute is 52 miles. I arrive home at night with
20 to 40% Battery left.

The 24kwh LEAF gets 60 to 100** miles per charge, on the highways you
get less and in the city you get more range because when you're
coasting or braking the LEAF takes that energy and recharges its batteries!

The 30kwh LEAF gets around 75 to 125 Miles per charge.

If you can charge at work then each way you could do 60 to 75 miles
If you do more than 60 to 75 miles In one direction than the LEAF
is not for you and you should click here and buy this car!

Every single night I plug the LEAF in on my driveway to a
220V 30Amp plug and it charges back up to Full in 2 hours.

The slower you drive the more range you will get, If you drive 25MPH
all day long you'll get 120 miles range. If you drive 85MPH on the
Turnpike you'll get around 55 miles range. I drive 60 to 65MPH on
the NJ Parkway and I can get 85 miles.

In the winter you get less range, at 32 degrees I do not notice any
change in range, at 20 degrees I notice around a 10% drop and at 4
degrees I noticed around 15% drop in range. The LEAF Loves 85 degrees
I get the most range at 85 degrees.

I can drive in the HOV lanes by myself and EZPASS gives
me a 10% discount on Tolls in NY & NJ! :)

Originally I bought the LEAF to save money on my commute but
If I were to buy another EV now it would be because they are so much
Fun to drive. An Electric Car has 100% of their power right off the line
You do not need to wait to 6000RPM like a Gas Engine to get all of your
Power. There is something exhilarating about driving a quick and peppy
Car that makes no noise whatsoever.

I will NEVER drive a Gas Burning car again!!!

I am 47 years old and this is the First Car that I truly LOVE driving!!!

It is SO MUCH FUN to Drive Electric!!! :)

The #NissanLEAF is a first generation EV and so the range is limited.
There are many other EV's out there now and coming out in the near future.
In Early 2017 the Chevy #BOLTEV is coming and it will do 238 miles per
charge. In Early 2019 the #TeslaModel3 is coming and it will do at least
215 miles range and start at a cost of $35,000. Elon Musk has stated
that when you can buy the Model 3 it will have more Standard features
than any other car that costs $35,000 and it will have more storage
Space because it will have a Trunk and a Frunk!

I've made some #evBumperStickers to show People who are driving behind
me that I have Pre-ordered a #Model3 and you can see these #BumperStickers
by scrolling to the bottom of this page! Thanks for stopping by!
click here to See the #TeslaModel3

If you click the picture of my car below it will take you Nissan's
website and You can check out all the specs and schedule a test drive today!

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Please copy clip my email below to send an email. Thanks!

Click to go to see the Nissan Leaf Website

I'm a Costco member and with Costco you can save $2500 off a new car if you use their website. Click Here

Click play to hear the sound that is generated to alert pedestrians
that the LEAF is approaching. A speaker behind the front bumper
plays this sound when the LEAF is moving at speeds below 20MPH

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Click Here to check out My Instagram page- @ubuygas
If you take a photo of my car please tag with #ubuygas

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Click Here to check out ENERGY.GOV's Website
Which is run by the US Government and is a pretty good source of information

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25% of the NISSAN LEAF is made from recycled materials

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